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5 Steps to Throwing the Best Business Event

1. Stick to a Theme

Use a theme that is fun and inspiring. Connect it to food and drinks, activities, and prizes.

2. Take a Risk and Do Something Different

To keep having successful events, be sure to shake things up. Do something different each year that will surprise your attendees.

3. Don’t Forget to Schedule in Some Down Time

Try not to put your attendees on information overload. Provide them with an opportunity to interact and take breaks.

4. Offer a Variety of Activities

Find activities that allow your attendees to mingle or relax.

No more ice breakers! Believe it or not, most people find ice breaker activities dull or embarrassing. Especially for those who are introverted. Let your guest mingle or have 1 on 1's.

5. Choose a Venue That Has Everything You Need

Three-Twenty Studio is the perfect intimate space that has everything you need for a great business event.

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