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What Kind of Catering Option Is Best for Your Event?

You’re in charge of organizing an event, but you have no idea what kind of catering to provide. To help you decide, you need to take several different factors into account, starting with the number of participants, the place where the business event is taking place (hopefully Three-Twenty Studio), as well as the atmosphere you wish to create.


Before deciding what form your food should come in, ask yourself what is the objective of the event. Is it for a training session? Conference? Networking event? Team-building? Special occasion? This way, you can decide if your attendees will be standing up or sitting down while eating.


Cocktail events are held either late afternoon or evening. For this type of event, there are usually no tables or chairs, although you may wish to provide bar tables so that guests can put down their glass and napkin.

The food is served in bite-size portions, and arranged on one large table where the guests serve themselves.


A buffet is where guests are generally seated, and the food is more substantial. Buffets are often served for lunch or dinner. For this type of catering, you need to have enough space for tables and chairs, as well as for the buffet table itself. Guests can serve themselves, but you could also hire an attendant to give a more formal feel to your event.

With this option, the menu is much more extensive and may include starters, along with a wide variety of salads, a main course, and a dessert, possibly with a charcuterie platter or cheese board on the side.


Also known as the three course meal option, this type of catering is more formal. The guests remain seated and are served by attendants. Here, the menu is provided in advance. It’s easier to organize and you are more likely to be able to stick to your schedule.


Contact us today to start planning your event. We offer event planning services to assist with catering.

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